Craig John Barr – Illustrator

I am an Illustrator, Curator and Educator living in Chicago, Illinois, having recently relocated from Manchester, England.

If you would like to talk about any project or commission, I can be contacted by phone +1 (847) 508 5812 or email:

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Big Cartel

The artwork always starts with a pencil in my right hand, worked up into an ink drawing. Watercolors, Inks, Magic Markers and Graphics Editing software are used to finish and add color to my work. I can work with guidance from an art director or independently, bringing my own ideas to a project. I am able to produce high quality work to tight deadlines.

I have produced illustrations to enhance the articles of cycling magazines and others, been challenged by large scale pieces showcased on local shop fronts (Magma, Manchester U.K), and had many successful submissions to academic publications; always within deadline and always high quality work. In addition, my work has been showcased at various exhibitions over the last 6 years, all across the U.K., including prestigious galleries such as The Salford Museum and Art Gallery. For a recent commission I worked with the acclaimed architect’s firm ‘Urbed’ based in Manchester England, producing a hand drawn poster for a series of talks about the Urban Environment which was partially sponsored by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Education Work

I’ve delivered workshops, lectures and ran in-class critiques with students. For two years, I acted as a Visiting Tutor at Stockport College in England where I critiqued third year projects by Illustration students. Throughout my teaching I have covered a wide range of topics; from illustration and the process of zine making, bookbinding and reproduction to printmaking and the many facets involved there. I have also run zine making/self-publishing workshops in High Schools and libraries across the U.K. and to a wide variety of audiences.


In 2010 I founded the Salford Zine Library in Manchester, U.K. The project collected and archived self-published work from across the globe and eventually gained significant recognition internationally. The Project was featured in many highly esteemed printed magazines, such as Design Week and A-N Magazine. In 2011 the library was featured as the back label on tens of thousands Vedett beer bottles across Europe and Japan. This was part of an effort to promote new artistic projects. The Salford Zine Library is still going strong and currently stands as the largest collection of it’s kind in the U.K.


- Street-view Jan 2013
- Nexus Art Café May 2012
- Salford Museum and Art Gallery Oct 2011
- Durham Art Gallery July 2011
- The Arty Place , Romford Nov 2010
- Islington Mill, Salford June 2010
- Preston Art Lab 2008


University of Central Lancashire - – Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – Illustration

A-N Magazine
Design Week
Salford Zine Library
Salford Zine Library